CMS Reveals New Logo Design


Canadian Motor Speedway administration has been full throttle over the winter months into the spring, moving ahead on a critical path that includes hiring architects to work with its engineers to formulate a final CMS site plan for submission and approval this summer.

A new construction season for CMS also introduces a key visual addition to the speed plant’s existing and popular logo with the release of a brand new striking Canadian Motor Speedway corporate logo displayed at the head of this Media Release.  The additional CMS logo will be one of many iterations that will be reflected on the facility as well as hundreds of merchandising items currently under design.

The new CMS logo was conceived and designed by Choko Motorsports, a long established Canadian motor sport industry graphic design and apparel company, in collaboration with Vice President and General Manager of Jeff Gordon Motorsports, John Bickford Sr., and CMS Partner & Executive Director Azhar Mohammad.

Jeff Gordon, the four-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion, is designing the CMS racing complex.

The new CMS logo retains the official red white and black colour scheme and red maple leaf symbols of the original logo, that tie together visual reinforcement that CMS is a Canadian motor racing development and facility, now reconfigured into a new fresh, bold and more vertical design that depicts motion.

“Our logo is very important because it needs to make an immediately positive first impression. We will continue to create additional versions going forward for the different types of product lines we have identified, “ offered CMS Executive Director Azhar Mohammad. “Fans and the media have become very familiar and comfortable with our original insignia over the years, so we wanted to be consistent with the key aspects and images of the initial version. I like this new design a great deal, and I am confident our fans will agree with me. It’s Canadian…it’s modern and it’s racing which says it all. In the very near future, we will integrate our fans to help us create additional designs which will truly make it a community based initiative lasting for generations,” Mohammad added.

Canadian Motor Speedway Chief Executive Officer Ibrahim Abou Taleb says it’s always been very important that any CMS logo, emblem or signage conveys the message this is a Canadian project through out.

“CMS will be a world class facility and we have always stated that, but equally critical, this is a Canadian development and a Canadian racing and entertainment destination! This new logo definitely says that in one glance. The checkered flag, the words ‘Canadian’ and ‘Speedway’  and the red maple leaf together in this new design make that unmistakable and dramatic! ”, Abou Taleb added.

Phase-Two of the $400 million dollar CMS development in the Town of Fort Erie Ontario, the completion of the re-construction of Miller Creek will begin as soon as the surface soil and sub-structure can support heavy earth moving machinery.

CMS plans to release the names of the two architectural firms hired to take Jeff Gordon’s design to blue prints to the media shortly.

For more information or interviews, please contact:
Erik Tomas, Media Consultant, Canadian Motor Speedway