The Project


The Canadian Motor Speedway is a proposed $600 million racetrack development situated on 332 hectares (820 acres) of land strategically located in central Fort Erie and adjacent to the QEW, one of Canada’s most heavily traveled highways. The proposal includes recreational, commercial, industrial and educational uses that have the potential to expand the development investment to almost $1 billion.

Located in the Niagara Region and bordering the United States, Fort Erie is a natural choice for a racing proposal of this calibre, a Town with 120 years of racing tradition. Since 1897, Fort Erie has been home to one of North America’s most picturesque thoroughbred racetracks, providing horse racing enthusiasts with life long memories and excitement through its annual events such as the Prince of Wales Stakes.

The Niagara Region, a major North American gateway, is a premier Canadian tourist destination surrounded by a market area of 140 million people within an 8-hour drive. The region currently draws millions of visitors each year to its historical points of interest, entertainment attractions and natural wonders, including the famed Niagara Falls, located within a 10 minute drive from the proposed speedway site.

Miller Creek site work near the QEW highway between Bowen Rd & Gilmore Rd interchanges and Niagara Falls Skyline to the north along the Niagara River