Brian Flyin’ The Heighest He’s Ever Flown!

Brian Stevens helmetBrian Stevens

Brian Stevens helmetBrian Stevens and Merritville girlsBrian Stevens early photo

Brian Stevens and Merritville girls
We are saddened to the core to report noted Niagara DIRT Modified legend “Flyin’ Brian” Stevens has lost his hard fought and courageous race against cancer.

He has been sick for a long while, but he’s no longer suffering.

Brian was a track champion at Merrittville Speedway, Canada’s oldest dirt track, and ran regularly at Ransomville Speedway and other Niagara/Western NY tracks. He was a long standing fan favourite. He was fast and clean.

He followed his Dad Ray into the sport and the two were fixtures at area tracks for decades.

Brian was a great driver and friend. He and Miss Janice grew up at the tracks together!

He was a friend of Raceline’s as well, as a guest and helping us with some radio and TV show intro’s over the years. I will pass along funeral arrangements once received.

God Speed Flyin’ Brian! Your Dad is waiting for you with a brand new car, a fresh motor and perfect clay up there!

Four photo’s: Brian and his # 44 early in his career, and more recently. With present and former Merrittville Speedway tower and scoring staff when he was named Driver of The Week, and Flyin’Brian’s helmet.