CMS Team – John Bickford


CMS Team - John Bickford

John Bickford is the Vice President and General Manager of Jeff Gordon, Inc. He is also step-father to NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon. Bickford started Gordon’s racing career on a makeshift racetrack in Vallejo, California in 1976 at the age of 5. At the same time, he started MPD which is a company that produces products for physically challenged people to enable them to drive cars without the use of their feet. The company also produces race car products. In 1985, he moved east to further Jeff Gordon’s racing career establishing a base in Pittsboro, Indiana. In 1996, following a move from Pittsboro to Concord, North Carolina he became the Executive Vice President of Action Performance. While with Action, he spent 18 months in Europe working on Formula One and SBK World Super Bike. In 2004, he returned to Jeff Gordon, Inc. where he remains Vice President and General Manager. John has provided CMS with his direction and insight into various strategic elements of the development and has assisted to build powerful relationships within the motorsports industry to guide the Canadian Motor Speedway to success.