CMS Today


Since 2007, the Canadian Motor Speedway developers have been consistent in meticulously addressing the planning approval process in Ontario. 5 years later, CMS achieved both Municipal & Regional rezoning approval including final Ontario Municipal Board approvals in November 2012. A final Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) process remained to address one remaining appeal point which was heard in Toronto at the end of March 2013. The favourable OMB decision released in June 2013, paves the way for the submission of a detailed and final site plan to the Town Of Fort Erie.

Obviously the results of planning processes and delays have impacted our completion dates however we have now surpassed the most difficult component and are excited about meeting the remaining requirements.   The Town Of Fort Erie Council has declared CMS lands as a “strategic location for investment” adding further to the uniqueness of this world class facility.  The Region of Niagara has included CMS lands in an Economic Gateway/Community Improvement Plan and has agreed to development fee reductions and tax breaks.

In July 2015,  Town of Fort Erie officials were notified that the application for external infrastructure to accommodate the Canadian Motor Speedway and other industrial properties was not selected by the Province of Ontario for nomination to the Federal Government for the Small Communities Component of the Building Canada Fund. The application was to cover the construction costs for a watermain and sewer works to the Gilmore/Bowen Road property that would also allow for additional servicing of the Town’s Industrial Parklands.

Despite the disappointment, CMS Partner & Executive Director, Azhar Mohammad continues to be determined to move CMS forward and is focused on working with IBI Group architects on the site plan.

In March 2016, the Site Plan was submitted to the Town of Fort Erie for review.  Current plans are to start 6 months of site alteration in 2017 which will include moving dirt and bedrock, to prepare the land for 20 months of construction.  With only the remaining municipal development processes in front of us, CMS is on track to be completed as a facility by 2021.

The continuing development approval processes are as follows:

  • Site Plan Approval, Agreement & Holding Zone Removal – Town of Fort Erie
  • Watershed permits – Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority
  • Building Permits – Town of Fort Erie
  • Road & Servicing permits – Niagara Region
  • Building & Land Use Permits – Ministry of Transportation
  • Environmental Assessments: Roads & Service works – Ministry of the Environment
  • Servicing Certificates – Ministry of the Environment