Happy New Year!

2015 looks to be an enormous year for The Canadian Motor Speedway development, when all the planning components of the project come together so equipment can be re-deployed to resume activity on site.

As documented several times on this website and in media reports and articles, 2014 was taken up with seemingly endless hours of meetings with the MTO at Queens Park, trying to get the Bowen Road/QEW issue settled, to secure the financial commitment from The Province for this off-site infrastructure, and to meet final site plan conditions.

When dealing with government, things often do not progress rapidly. That’s frustrating for race fans who are solidly behind CMS, but naturally want to see things move ahead quicker.

As a life- long race fan, and somebody who makes their full-time living covering the sport on Raceline Radio, nobody wants to see this thing built and operating more than I do.

We just need to keep in mind there has never been a development like CMS attempted in this Province. There is no “book” on how to process a $400 million auto racing and entertainment facility. The layers of process and approval seem staggering. And they are very time consuming.

But several key occurrences in 2014 show clear progress and commitment from the developers and partners.

Oval track designer Jeff Gordon’s visit to Toronto in September focused on his involvement with CMS, and his work on track design on a simulator in his office. He’s already supplying architects with data on straightaway length and banking.

And just before Christmas, CMS opened a corporate office in The Town of Fort Erie that will provide CMS management and staff a primary meeting place to conduct Speedway business as well as to oversee the next phase of engineering and construction work targeted for the Spring of 2015.

Jeff Gordon Incorporated Vice President and General Manager John Bickford came up with the best description of the significance of the new office. He called it “one more footprint that says this project will be completed. It’s the CMS flag in the ground. We have an address and we are moving forward.”

You will see more clear signs of that forward movement for Canadian Motor Speedway in 2015.

All the best to you and yours for a safe, prosperous New Year!