McMaster & CMS


As one of Canada’s top universities, McMaster has earned an enviable reputation as a global leader in materials and manufacturing research. Its researchers have been involved in major research and development, particularly in the areas of flex fuels, powertrain, and composite materials. Its work has been supported by major Automotive OEMs in the industry and they continue to play a Global lead in this area. McMaster’s highly accredited Faculty of Engineering will now co-develop and manage the Canadian Motor Speedway’s™ Innovation Park: an R&D facility for advanced studies and testing to support the global motor sport industry as well as Canada’s vast Auto Sector.

Canadian Motor Speedway has been a regular contributor over the years towards the Faculty of Engineering’s experiential learning initiative. Our donations have been used directly by students to help create innovations like hybrid and solar racing cars and support student activities in the way of engineering and green auto innovation programs. Our continued funding will support the new ExCEL building which is currently being designed by and for McMaster’s Engineering Centre for Experiential Learning.

Dr. David Wilkinson, Dean of Engineering, McMaster Provost & VP Academic:

“A speedway of this nature attracts some of the top automotive developers and manufacturers in the world. Many automotive innovations have been developed first in high-performance vehicles and then adapted for application to production.

Since this project will be in our own backyard, it certainly made sense to us to be involved. It is also an opportunity for us to contribute our expertise to an initiative that promises to bring new business and employment opportunities to the region.

This is also an opportunity for students to gain exposure and hands-on experience in a real-life environment. This applies to both undergraduate and graduate engineering students at McMaster.”

The Engineering Centre for Experiential Learning will be a 12,000-15,000 sq. ft. facility located adjacent to or near the John Hodgins Engineering Building. The centre will house student clubs and societies, collaborative workspaces along with show space for design teams, study space and selected student services.

The ExCEL facility will showcase sustainable building technologies with the aim of creating an ultra-green building with the potential for a net zero energy rating. Technologies involving solar, geothermal, and other technologies will not only power the centre, they will serve as interactive labs. It should be noted that the CMS Innovation Park will be open for collaboration with all educational institutions and automotive industries worldwide.

McMaster University & CMS: Delivering sustainable excellence… together.