Tomas Tales: CMS at CME! Enough Initials Already!

But the letters mean we again look forward to the 8th annual Canadian Motorsports Expo Powered by our friends at Inside Track Motorsport News, the 7th, 8th and 9th of February, the kick off of the 2014 Canadian racing season at the International Center Toronto!

The parking is free and in Toronto, that’s rare!

You’ve seen the release! For the 4th straight Expo, The CMS display will showcase Jeff Gordon’s NASCAR Sprint Cup show car, this time sporting the brand new Axalta sponsor livery, the first time shown in Canada!

Drop by and bench race with us! The CMS staff will be there to talk about project start and the time line heading into spring.

John Bickford VP and GM of Jeff Gordon Inc. will also be with us! John’s a very engaging character who I always look forward to seeing and speaking with and I know you do too!

Yours truly will also be part of the motorsport media panel once again, always good for some spirited discussion and debate.

Drop by and see us! It is going to be fabulous to be able to talk to you at the Expo now that CMS has indeed started!