Tomas Tales: Daytona Time is Busy Here Too!

Tomas Tales January 30th, 2014
The NASCAR crowd, teams, administration and of course the fans are well into the big annual build-up to the most important race on the schedule, the Daytona 500. Next month’s Great North American Race will be the 56th time the stock cars rumbling to life on that iconic Florida oval will signal the actual start of another racing season in North America.
But there is also a huge amount of scrambling going on a lot closer to the handle.
The transition from January to February after the turn of the New Year is an extremely busy time in the GTA and surrounding territory in the racing game as well.
You likely know that in addition to my Raceline Radio Network duties, now into broadcast season # 22, I also handle Media and Public Relations consulting for Canadian Motor Speedway.
And just to make sure there is absolutely no room left on the ET plate, I got a call from Alex Tagliani a few weeks back asking me to add Media and Public Relations for his new Tagliani Autosport venture to my to-do list!
I like being busy, but I thought at this stage of my career, I would be slowing down slightly, not speeding up!
Sitting around doing nothing is not an option, so I dive into the deep end and paddle like mad!
Tag grabbed a ride in the Rolex 24 at Daytona with Paul Gentilozzi, so that meant media releases into and out of that weekend right away, in two languages, since Alex still has firm corporate, media and family connections to home town Montreal and Quebec.
But the real rush this time of year centers around The 8th Annual Canadian Motorsports Expo, powered by Inside Track Motorsport News, February 7th, 8th and 9th at the International Center Toronto.

On the first day of the Expo, all done with the Rolex 24, Tagliani Autosport will unveil a brand new car, another racing assignment for Alex and his backers, Pfizer Canada/EpiPen, Anaphylaxis Canada, and Dicom Express.
I’m usually one of the great unwashed media horde at these things, but this time, in addition to wielding my recorder for Raceline, I wrote the releases inviting the media to the shindig.
Home base at The Expo will be our Canadian Motor Speedway display that will once again feature Jeff Gordon’s NASCAR Sprint Cup show car, this time sporting a brand new Axalta paint scheme on his Hendrick Motorsports Chevy SS # 24. This will the first time the new livery will be shown in Canada. Releases had to go out for this too of course.
Manning the CMS booth all three days is a pleasure, and holds special significance this year, as the project has actually started!
Sometime during the three days at the Expo, I also have to interview The “King” Richard Petty, Mike Skinnner and Ryan Newman, and take part in the annual motorsport media panel to discuss the various issues swirling about our heads.
I have a feeling there will be lots of discussion about Canadian Motor Speedway, NASCAR’s changes to the qualifying and Chase formats, and good thoughts and prayers for Michael Schumacher.
There will be CMS and Tagliani Autosport post-Expo releases to go out, before we swing our highly divided attention to the Toronto International Auto show!
My buddy “Stormin’ Norman” Rumack and I will be live on location at the Auto show the first weekend of the showcase, February 14th through the 17th.
We’ll do a ton of live hits from our location on the 800 level of the South Building of The Metro Toronto Convention Center for Sportsnet 590 The FAN.
Oh! Almost forgot there will be two Raceline Radio Network shows to write, produce and anchor during these two insane weeks as well!
But it’s all good… I think!