Tomas Tales: Gordon’s Martinsville Car at CMS Display at Motorama!

Motorama-Full-Website-No-Date-Cropped-3152015 NASCAR MartinsvilleTomas Tales February 1, 2016

Gordon’s Historic Martinsville-winning # 24 Center Stage at CMS Display at Motorama!

If this isn’t a first for Canadian NASCAR fans then it’s been an extraordinarily long time since we’ve seen this in this country, if ever.

I’ll stick my neck out and say it is a Canadian-racing first… in my time on this earth anyway, because it’s the real, honest to goodness, genuine article!
An actual NASCAR CUP Series stock car from an actual race on display well north of the Mason-Dixon line.

And not just any NASCAR Cup series stock car… we’re talkin’ a race-winning stock car, an historic vehicle in the truest sense.

Because this year at the 2nd Annual Motorama Custom Car and Motorsports Expo in Toronto next month, at the Canadian Motor Speedway display, we are honoured to present Gordon’s 2015 # 24 AARP Member Advantages Chevy SS that he raced to victory at Martinsville, Virginia last fall to advance in the Chase for The Championship.

Historic in that this was Jeff’s 23rd and final season of competition, and as it turned out, this Martinsville car carried him to his 93rd and final NASCAR victory.

I have to give big props to CMS Exec. Claire MacSweyn for securing this car with Hendrick Motorsport, especially this year. You can imagine the demands for this car across North America. It’s a major coup for CMS to have it at Motorama. Nice work Claire.

March 11th, 12th and 13th, fans will be able to see and be photographed with this car in Canadian Motor Speedway’s “Victory Lane”.

This is big for not only Jeff Gordon fans, but NASCAR and racing fans in general, because it’s not every day an actual race-winning NASCAR CUP Series car is shown in Canada, let alone a car of this stature.

This will mark the 6th time Canadian Motor Speedway has presented Jeff Gordon machinery at Motorama, and its fore-runner, The Canadian Motorsports Expo.
Up to this year, it’s been Gordon’s # 24 showcar, displaying new paint schemes and special features that quickly became one of the hallmark attractions at Motorama. The fact it’s Jeff’s Martinsville-winning car makes this year’s showcase extra special.

And carrying on a very popular tradition, the thousands of fans that visit the CMS display at Motorama every year will get a chance to meet and speak with Gordon’s step-dad, John Bickford about the car, Jeff’s final season and reflect back on Jeff’s four NASCAR Championships!

I like what John Bickford said about having Jeff’s Martinsville car at Motorama. It’s just another indication of Jeff’s commitment to the CMS project as oval track designer.

CMS staff will of course also be on hand to talk about CMS progress, while our tech-partners at Niagara College’s Motive Power Program, Applied Research Centre, and The Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre will be exhibiting their technology together with CMS, showcasing their Hybrid Trainer and a 3D printed model of Canadian Motor Speedway. Fans will be able to see CMS’s motorsports stadium, to be the largest in Canada, take shape in 3D form.

The Raceline Radio Network will be part of the fun as well all weekend. Like Bickford, we look forward to this too! And since as of this “Tales” we are only a few short weeks away from The 58th running of The Daytona 500 to open the 2016 season, the bench-racing will be thick and fast!

See you at Motorama next month and make sure you bring your camera, your phone, or whatever it is you take photographs with.

You’ll want to capture a Canadian racing first at The Canadian Motor Speedway display!