Tomas Tales: Raceline Radio Network and Partners Work Year 24!

Raceline_Logo jpegFebruary 24, 2016

As a new racing season unfolds, we are allowed another quiet little celebration in the Raceline Radio Network office.

Because we are still here and the lights and heat are still on!

We remain extremely gratified companies who do business with this sport and with fans and listeners who buy automobiles, influenced by on-track or on-road success, continue to realize a solid return on their investment partnering with The Raceline Radio Network, the official and exclusive Canadian radio voice of Canadian Motor Speedway.

Over our history, we have worked with and continue to work with some of the biggest blue-chip companies in North America who have partnered with The Network to market their products.

For 2016, we are delighted to welcome a brand new Network broadcast partner, The Elite Brand of After-Market Products from Continental, the official drive belt of NASCAR.

Long-time friend John Hymers and I have been working on this one for a while, so it’s fabulous to finally have them with us.

Tissot Swiss Watches, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park and The IndyCar Honda Indy Toronto are with us with solid seasonal campaigns.

It’s equally tremendous to have the continued support of The Raceline hour from speedways and racing events at the regional/local affiliate level across the Network.

All three Niagara/Western New York DIRT Tracks, Ransomville, Merrittville and Humberstone Speedways promote their facilities and events on Raceline Radio on News Talk 610 CKTB St.Catharines, in the immediate CMS market.
CKTB airs the show twice a week. Live Sunday nights at 8 PM eastern and a repeat broadcast Saturday afternoons at 4 PM as teams and fans are starting to head to the tracks.

Merrittville and Ransomville also sponsor an associated Raceline element, weekend race wraps that are aired following CKTB’s Monday morning sportscasts.
CKTB continues to air regular updates on CMS progress. I can’t do anything on their air without talking about the Speedway.

We have to make sure the Raceline hour is profitable for affiliates, or at the very least makes sense to attract their markets’ racing fan base as new and potential listeners for all of their advertisers in all day parts.
So support for our radio show nationally, boosted by local affiliate sponsor involvement is something we are very proud of.

But one company in particular has made sure we keep the National Raceline Radio signal hot season after season, year round.

Since that initial meeting with Brian Hyland more than 20 years ago, Subaru Canada Inc. has been with us every step of this adventure.

Our 2016 contract renewal marks the 24th consecutive season The Raceline Radio Network and Subaru Canada have worked together to present award-winning motorsport radio coverage with a focus on Canadian drivers and stories, while building Subaru sales numbers to record totals.

Raceline Radio continues to take the Subaru message to consumers and fans across Canada and border U.S States with targeted campaigns for Subaru’s high performance brands.

An advertising and marketing partnership that’s flourished this long in this sport is extremely rare.

It might not be in the Richard Petty-STP or Kenny Bernstein-Budweiser record book of longevity, but it’s getting there as we quickly approach our 25th anniversary with Subaru Canada.

It also works very well that Subaru also supports other on-air elements on many of our Network affiliates, so call us one big happy family if you like.

Subaru’s world-wide success on the rally roads makes this a simple no-brainer as Raceline Radio showcases their high performance models.

Their WRX STI, scoring 11 Manufacturer’s Championships in The Canadian Rally Championship alone sets the tone, coupled with Antoine L’Estage’s incredible record of 8 Canadian and 7 North American Rally Championships as principle driver.

And since The Raceline Radio Network is the only Canadian radio entity that makes sure rallying gets headline coverage, we take that Subaru success story to listeners and car-buyers across Canada.

It’s your classic “win on Sunday… sell on Monday” situation.

The results have steadily grown over the 24 years of our partnership to record sales figures for Subaru into 2016.

It’s how a marketing partnership in motorsport is supposed to work, and the main reason why The Raceline Radio Network survives to continue to carry auto racing news that matters to The CMS Nation and across Canada.

Tale Pipes: … looking forward to seeing everyone at the 2016 Motorama Custom Car and Motorsports Expo in Toronto, March 11th, 12th and 13th at the International Center. Our Canadian Motor Speedway display will feature Jeff Gordon’s 2015 Martinsville-winning # 24 Chevy SS. It’s a very rare an actual race-winning Sprint Cup Series car will be shown in Canada! The Raceline Radio Network will be part of the display so stop by for some bench racing and the latest CMS updates.