We’ve Lost a Very Good Driver, and a Very Nice Man.

Justin Wilson head shotThe racing community is deeply saddened with the loss of Justin Wilson in his 37th year.

The tall and very likable Englishman did not recover from severe head trauma suffered in that IndyCar crash at Pocono on Sunday.

The former F-1 driver, IndyCar veteran and winner of The 2005 Toronto Indy was struck in the helmet by debris from Sage Karem’s crash late in the race. He was airlifted to hospital directly from the track.

His Andretti Autosport team, stated: Justin’s career is a story of class and passion surpassed by none.

He was a frequent Raceline Radio guest. We used to laugh about trying wedge his 6 foot-plus frame into the very tight confines of an IndyCar cockpit.

Anything the engineers could do to shave millimeters off the area around his shoulders he was very grateful for.

Crews didn’t mind doing those little extras for Justin. He was a good guy.
I always asked about his unique hobby of flying radio controlled helicopters. I thought that helped keep his co-ordination sharp. He wasn’t so sure.

He was very proud of his younger brother Stefan, a developing race car driver himself.

What will I remember most about Justin?

Even if he was badly fouled by another driver, you admired his decorum. I never heard Justin utter a disparaging word about anyone. In short, no pun intended, Justin Wilson was a lovely bloke!

Plans for a public memorial are being finalized.

His former team mate Paul Tracy said God has another plan for Justin Wilson.
God Speed then JW! God Speed!